The Year I Became Isabella Anders (Sunnyvale #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Isabella Anders has always been the girl that never fit in. Most days she feels invisible, especially when she’s around her older sister, Hannah, who catches the eye of everyone, including Kai and Kyler, the boys who live next door. 

Isabella has had a crush on Kyler for years, but knows he’ll never see her as anything more than Hannah’s little sister, unless she finds a way to standout. 

When Isabella gets an offer from her grandmother to travel overseas for the summer, she seizes the opportunity, hoping she’ll discover more about herself. And she does, but not in the way that she expected. 

Three months later, Isabella returns home an entirely new person. The change is enough to catch both Kyler and Kai’s attention. But Isabella is still struggling with what she discovered over the summer and until she deals with the truth, she’ll never truly be herself.

The story is about Isabella Anders. Isabella is a girl who felt that she never fit in, she was never understood, not from family, school and people in general. She feels isolated in her family and her only escape is her drawings and blog. 
Everyones attention was always on her sister Hannah, includingKyler and Kai, the brothers that live next door.

The trip to Europe 

After being send of to spend the summer at her grandmothers house, Isabella, her cousin and her grandmother take a trip to Europe, were life as she knows it changes

"I worked so hard to reinvent myself while I was on the trip, but I'm starting to realize the makeover was sorely an outside thing."

I know what the heroine of the story feels like. I was like her.When I was younger, I didn't 'take care' of myself. I wasn't doing my hair or wearing any make-up, I didn't care about the 'famous' people or doing anything remotely cool so I was picked on a lot. About my looks, my different sense of style, my music, my love for reading. Everything. But exactly as Isabella one summer I said fuck them. Stop pressuring yourseld and do whatever the fuck you want. Don't listen to your parents or your so called "friends". And I did it. I became the person I wanted to be. And people liked it. But the fucked up thing is even now if someone says they like me or anything like that I still can't take it seriously, I think they're fucking with me. So sorry for the rant but this story hit home for me. 
I can't wait to read the continuation of this. And hope the heroine finds her way too. 


This was such an emotional read for me.

I don't understand how some "parents" could treat their children like that. I just can't. Some people seriously should be checked out before being allowed to have kids.

Jessica Sorensen delivered an amazing, emotional coming of age story.


PS #1 The secret was kinda too obvious which was a bummer. I would have liked it much more if it was handled differently. 


God they make a shit ship name xD


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