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Beauty Sleeps by Alexa Riley **Release Day Blitz & Review**


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Xavier has watched Gwen for years, sneaking outside her window just to watch her sleep. She calls to him in a way he doesn't understand.
After he loses his mom and his sister in a tragic accident, he disappears into the woods and lets his wolf take over.

Gwen has been waiting around for her knight in shining armor to show up, but years have passed since she reached her mating age, and he still hasn't come.

When Xavier makes his way back to Gray Ridge, one scent captivates him like no other...

He's on a mission. Claiming Gwen as his mate is all that matters, even if she doesn't remember him.

What he isn't prepared for is Alpha Stone keeping them apart.

Warning: This fairy tale contains a hero in desperate need of his sleeping beauty, a heroine who wants to mate with her beast, and an alpha trying to keep it from happening. This is meant to be over-the-top, extra sweet, and lots of fun. Come roll around in it.


Cover photo model © Brendan Gregory- https://www.instagram.com/bloodanchor/

Photographer © 2015 Brilynn Ferguson, All Rights Reserved - http://brilynnferguson.com/

Cover designer © Perfect Pear Creative Covers - http://www.ppccovers.com/

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Prologue *Xavier*
5 years earlier
“Why do you watch me?” Her soft voice fills my ears, warming my chest. It reaches places inside me I didn’t even know existed. The sound makes my wolf lie down lazily inside me, like we could drift off just to the sound of her voice. Does she mean when I watch her now, or when she sleeps? It doesn’t matter because either way I don’t know the answer.
“I don’t know.” I tell her the truth because making up some lie to tell her just seems wrong. I can’t deny that I do it, and telling her that I don’t would be deceiving her.
She smiles at my response and goes back to doodling in the notebook in her lap. Her blonde hair falls over her face, hiding her crystal-blue eyes. I never knew eyes could be that blue. I like to watch over her when she sleeps, but during the day I like seeing her eyes more. A wolf could get lost in eyes like hers.
“If my brother catches you, he’ll have your hide.” This time when she looks back up at me, her dimples dip in her full cheeks, and it makes her youth show. I know she’s only sixteen, five years younger than me, but I’ve been watching her since the first time I saw her over ten years ago, and I can’t figure out why. I just do it, and I can’t seem to stop myself.
She’s right, though. If the alpha catches me, he’ll try to have my hide. ‘Try’ being the operative word.
“Does it bother you? I could—” I pause. I was going to say I could stop, but that would be a lie. I’m not sure I could stop myself. Something pulls me to her, and being near her is calming. It’s as if everything is right in the world. I spend my days building houses and making sure I’m keeping food on the table for my mother and sister. Since my dad passed over seven years ago, that’s all I do. I make sure they’re cared for and I work. I’m utterly content with that as long as I get a glimpse of Gwen each day. What more could I ask for?
“No. You’re kinda hot. I like looking at you, too.” Her words are bold, and I find myself blushing. She’s too young to be thinking people are hot. The idea that she thinks about boys or men that way irritates me for some reason. When I’m around her I don’t understand my feelings. I’m calmed and happy, and then I’m confused.
“I watch you when you sleep, too.” I’m not sure why I confess my secret. The words just tumble out of my mouth like she should know.
“I know.” She puts her pad down next to her and stands from the porch before making her way towards me. Her fragrance fills my lungs, and I close my eyes just to savor it. When I open them again, she’s right in front of me.
Even with her wolf shifter genes, she’s still short compared to me. She’ll still probably grow a few inches, not that that would help her when it comes to me. I’m six feet nine, and I’m sure she’ll always be at least a foot shorter than me.
She reaches up, placing her hand on my bare chest, making my wolf stir as he tries to feel her touch.
“Would you kiss me?” She takes another half-step towards me, but I take a step back, surprised by her question. Immediately, I miss her smell, and my wolf whines.
“I can’t.”
Her hand falls away and I miss the warmth of her touch. My wolf growls in my head when her smile drops away, too. He’s upset she isn’t happy anymore.
“Why?” Her voice is softer now, not as bold as before.
“You’re too young to kiss, and I will only ever kiss my mate.”
She narrows her eyes at me, the blue darkening with irritation “Wouldn’t it bother your mate that you watch me?” She raises her chin like she’s challenging me.
“I’m here to protect you.” If my protecting her would upset my mate I’d—
My brain pauses at the idea. I’d still watch her. Maybe I should steal her away, then my mate could never find me. We could live in the wild, and I could watch her all the time. I’d never have to stop.
“That’s not what I asked.” She places one hand on her hip and cocks her head to the side, waiting.
“I’ll always watch you.” This makes her smile again, and it warms me on the inside. If only I’d known this would turn out to be a lie.

4 The Sleeping Beauty & the Beast 

From the moment I laid eyes on Gwen, I knew she was special. And as I watched my beauty sleep, I hoped that one day she would be mine.

Gwen was sixteen years old when Xavier had the urge to watch her, especially when she was sleeping at night, through her window. He knew it was wrong, because she was still underage and he was five years older than her, but he couldn't help it. Until one day changed everything and made him break his promise to her, that he would always watch her. 

Five years later and Xavier is still living in the wild, trying to get over the facts that happened five years ago. His best friend convinces him that it's time for him to come back in town, so he can find his mate. After all, he's building a house for her and now it's almost ready. 

But there's a problem. Gwen is the Alpha's sister and he's overprotective of her, not allowing to anyone to take her from him. He won't let Xavier take her as his mate, but X is willing to fight him to death to get what is rightfully his. No matter what happened in the past, his Sleeping Beauty should be with him.

When our eyes meet, I feel the pounding beat of my heart in my ears. I look into the sweet innocent eyes of my beloved. The eyes that have haunted my dreams all these years. The eyes I wished to look into every single day. The eyes I never believed could be mine. It's my sleeping beauty, and she's my mate.

I liked this one, I think when you've read by this author before, makes you expect certain aspects, like the possessive alpha males, the insane sex drive and unrealistic scenes that would normally make people run for the hills. 

Alexa Riley is good in one thing and that's offering sexy, possessive alpha males, who will do everything to get their hands on their girls and the dirty, filthy sex that comes after that. I wish X didn't seem as pussy whiped afterwards, but at the same time it was really cute and funny to watch, so I approve. I loved that the heroine was a strong female shifter and a determined woman. She was a powerful chick and I liked reading about a female who wasn't a doormat or damsel in distress.

He's all bark and no bite. Scratch that, he does bite but only in the most pleasurable ways.

PS: I'm so excited about the next story! I loved the fact that her friend was a shifter bear and her name was Winnie, I mean really, loved the idea of it!

ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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I'm Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn't find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.
Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can't let the other soccer moms know what I'm up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they've got nothing on my dirty talk.
I'm here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I'm what you're looking for.
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