Final Debt (Indebted #6) by Pepper Winters **Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway**

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More Jethro & Nila?  Yes Please!
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The Last Book in the New York Times Bestselling Dark Romance Series.
Where love tries to triumph and darkness continues to reign....

"I'm in love with her, but it might not be enough to stop her from becoming the latest victim of the Debt Inheritance. I know who I am now. I know what I must do. We will be together--I just hope it's on Earth rather than in heaven."

It all comes down to this.

Love versus life.

Debts versus death.

Who will win?

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Excerpt: Final Debt

Cut’s voice physically hurt me as he forced me to my knees. The ballroom splendour mocked me as I bowed unwillingly at the feet of my executioner.
Velvet and hand-stitched crewel on the walls glittered like the diamonds the Hawks smuggled—a direct contrast to the roughly sawn wood and crude craftsmanship of the guillotine dais. No finesse. No pride. Just a raised podium, framework cushioning a large tarnished blade, and a rope dangling to the side.
“Don’t do this. Cut…think about what you’ve become. You can stop this.” My voice mimicked a beg but I’d vowed not to beg. I’d seen things, understood things, and suffered things I never thought I would be able to endure. I refused to cry or grovel. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.
“In five minutes, this will all be over, Weaver.” Cut bent to the side and collected a wicker basket.
The wicker basket.
I didn’t want to think about what its contents would be.
He placed it on the other side of the wooden block.
My lungs demanded more oxygen. My brain demanded more time. And my heart…it demanded more hope, more life, more love.
I’m not ready.
Not like this.
“No. No more talking. Not after everything you’ve done.” Ripping a black hood from his pocket, he didn’t hesitate. No fanfare. No second guesses.
I cried out as the scratchy blackness engulfed my face, tightening by a cord around my throat.
The Weaver Wailer chilled me. The diamond collar that’d seen what I’d seen and whispered with phantoms of my slain family prepared to revoke its claim and detach from around my neck.
This was it.
The Final Debt.
Cut pushed my shoulders forward.
A heavy yoke settled over the top of my spine.
I closed my eyes.
I said goodbye.
I waited to die.

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One Week Earlier

I pushed back, gripping the handrails of the private jet, throwing my weight against Daniel’s incessant pushing. “Stop!”
“Get up the fucking stairs, Weaver.” Daniel jabbed his elbow into my spine.
I stumbled, bashing my knee against the high tread. “You can’t do this!” How had this happened? How had mere hours turned the entire universe against me? Again.
I wanted to smash every clock. Tear out the cog from every watch.
Time had once again stolen my life.
Daniel cackled. “I think you’ll find we can.” He shoved me higher.
My heart hurt—as if every mile between us and Hawksridge was a blade slicing me further from Jethro’s protection—a disharmony in an already discorded symphony.
One moment, I’d been love-bruised and adored, tiptoeing back into the Hall; the next, I was trapped, forced to dress in jeans and a hoodie, and obey Daniel as he lurked in my doorway, barking orders to pack a few meagre belongings.
He hadn’t left me alone.
His eyes followed my every move. I couldn’t grab the gun I’d hidden thanks to Jasmine. I couldn’t text Jethro to tell him I’d been caught. All I could do was run around my room with my lover’s release still damp on my inner thighs and submit to my nemesis.
The only saving grace was beneath Daniel’s hateful stare, I’d managed to pack the clothing I’d altered a few weeks ago. The cuffs full of needles and hems armoured with tools of my seamstress trade. Those garments were my only hope. There was no loophole. No way to refuse.
I had to trust Jasmine would get word to Jethro. That he would come for me…
Before it’s too late.
The desolation I’d suffered when Daniel first caught me faded to indignant anger. I’d been so close to being free. I’d been in Jethro’s arms. I’d been away from his psychotic family. My heart hardened a little toward Jethro for making me go back.
Why? Why did you send me back?
I didn’t know if I’d have the courage to forgive him.
You know why. And you will. Of course, you will.
I couldn’t hate him because I wasn’t selfish. He’d sent me back to protect all of us. Those precious few who’d accepted him and he’d accepted in return. Love was the worst enemy, winding its commitment, ensuring no freedom when it came to clearheaded thinking of adversity.
Jethro loved too much. Felt too much. Suffered too much. And his siblings would be our downfall. Kestrel and Jasmine relied on him—just like I did. The responsibility of settling his family’s wrongs was a terrible burden to bear.
But he’s not alone.
I might’ve been stolen. Jethro’s plans to save me might be ruined. But I was still alive. Still breathing. I wasn’t the naïve girl who’d first arrived at Hawksridge. I was a woman in love with a Hawk. A Weaver who would draw Hawk blood.
It’s not over…
Pain exploded in my spine as Daniel stabbed me with his fist. “Get in the fucking airplane.”
“No!” I threw myself backward, looking frantically at the private hangar. We weren’t at Heathrow, but a small, private airfield called Turweston. “I won’t!”
No strangers I could call for help.
No police or air marshals.
When Daniel had stalked me from my room and shoved me outside, Cut had been waiting. With a victorious smile, he’d stuffed me in the back of a limousine.
With a purring engine, we’d pulled away from Hawksridge, tyres crunching on gravel as we followed the long driveway off the estate.
My eyes had scoured the trees, their silhouettes growing stronger as the sun tinted the sky with pink blushes. Daniel and Cut sat opposite me, toasting each other with a chilled bottle of champagne. However, I hadn’t been alone on my side of the limo—I had a guard.
Marquise, Bonnie’s damn henchman, sat beside me; a mountain of muscle, unyielding and impenetrable.
“Come along.” A strange voice raised my gaze.
A man in a captain’s uniform smiled from the top of the aircraft steps. The private plane’s fuselage glinted in graphite grey. Sparkling diamonds, inlaid in the shape of a windswept ribbon, decorated the tail.
“I don’t want to leave England.”
Daniel laughed behind me. “Like you have a choice.”
“I always have a choice, Buzzard.” I glowered over my shoulder. “Just like this choice of yours will not end well for you.”
If I don’t kill you, Jethro will.
As far as Daniel knew, his slain brother was supposedly rotting in some unmarked grave. Jethro was right. The element of surprise trumped any of Cut and Daniel’s grand delusions.
He snarled, “Watch it, bitch. Everything you say to me here will be paid in full when we’re there.”
“Now, now. No need for threats.” The captain climbed down a rung, holding out his hand. “She’ll get on board. Won’t you, my dear? No need to be afraid of flying. I have an exemplary record.” White hair tufted from either side of his pristine flying cap. In his mid-fifties, he looked fit and toned and impatient to take off.
“I can’t leave.”
I can’t be so far from Jethro.
The captain smiled, waving at his vessel. “Of course, you can. Plus, I bet you’ve never travelled in such style.”
“It’s nothing against your mode of transport. It’s the destination I disagree to. I’m staying here.” I dug my heels into the metal grate, fighting against Daniel’s perpetual pushing. “I don’t have my passport, visa… I can’t travel across borders, so you might as well let me return home.”
Had Hawksridge Hall become my home?
No, don’t be absurd.
But Jethro had. It didn’t matter where we ended up. What we did for work. How our lives panned out. As long as I was alive with Jethro by my side…I would be home.
“Don’t fuss about that.” The captain waved his hand in invitation. “Travel is good for the soul.”
Not my soul.
Travel meant my soul would become untethered from my body, thanks to Cut and the Final Debt.
The sun barely peeked over the horizon, hidden by soupy fog and reluctant night. The world refused to warm, unable to shed the morning frost or dislodge the claws of winter. England didn’t want to say goodbye as much as I did, its reluctant dawn wanting me to stay.
“If you don’t get on the motherfucking plane in two seconds, Weaver, you’ll live to regret it,” Daniel growled.
I glared at the youngest Hawk. “Haven’t you learned by now your threats don’t scare me?”
Forcing myself to stand taller, I hid the quaking in my bones, the quivering in muscles, the rampant terror scurrying in my blood. “I know where you want to take me, and I refuse.”
Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose. A second later, he cuffed me on the back of the head. “Behave!”
I gritted my teeth against the wash of agony.
“Almasi Kipanga is a fucking treat for the likes of you, Weaver. Get on your knees and show some goddamn appreciation. Otherwise, I’ll rip out your fucking tongue and ensure peace for the rest of the trip.”
“Ah, as I said, there’s no need for violence.” The captain took another step, prying my hand off the railing and tugging me upward. “Come along, my dear. Let’s get you inside. And don’t you worry about visas and things. Leave it to me. Airport control won’t be an issue.”
Vertigo cast the world in monochromatic greys as I swayed toward the captain. “But—”
Cut barrelled past Daniel—reaching the end of his patience. Grabbing my arse, he shoved me upward, forcing me like unwilling livestock up the final steps. “I have your passport, Nila. Get on the plane.” His breath skated over the back of my neck. “And don’t think about refusing again. Got it?”
Gripping the fuselage, I looked over my shoulder. “My passport? How did you—”
He waved a black binder in my face. “Everything is in here. You have no more excuses, and I won’t ask again. Get on the fucking plane or I’ll knock you out and you can wake up when we get there.”
**5 Forever Indebted stars** 

When the book that you had been waiting for months to get the ending of a series you had been reading for an entire year, finally comes out and hits your device, how do you react?

"I should have saved you the first time I saw you."
"You did save me."
"You fell in love with me."

Friends, Enemies, Heroes, Villains, Foes. Good and bad. Love and hate. Abuser and victim. Hunter and prey. All those meanings seem to blur while reading this series. The hate becomes love, the villain can become the hero and the victim can get back on top and take revenge. That's how it started everything in the end, isn't it? Once upon a time, the Hawks were serving the Weavers, suffering under their hands, until they got to be on top and sign the Debt Inheritance, with which they got revenge for all their suffering and then Weavers became their victims. So, bottom line, they are all blurred lines and nothing is solidified.

In this one, we got more insight on some characters that weren't so developed on purpose and we finally got to see what was hidden behind their actions. What turned them out to be what they were when Nila met them. We got to learn so many secrets, so many new aspects to the stories. Secrets of the past that could have changed everything. Secrets well hidden serving a purpose. And now that the series is completed and we finished Jethro & Nila's story, I'm grateful for Pepper giving life to these characters and their story, but I'm feeling a gap inside.

This was my most anticipated series this year and every new release was having me salivate and swing my tail happily, ready to devour the new book and ready to learn more about this messed up story of love and debts. Now that it's over, I feel bittersweet. I know this moment would have come, but I don't know how to say goodbye. I'm sitting here, wishing we would get Cut's & Emma's story or Jasmine's & Vaughn's, a new novella maybe in the future. Ungrateful little reader I am. I got a surprise extended epilogue and it's still not enough? Shame on me. But it's true. This is one of the stories that no matter how fucked up it was, it will stick with me and I will never forget Jethro and Nila. And all these other characters.

Kes. What can I say about him? I'm thinking about him and I want to cry. He was such a great character. He seemed to be such a great brother and friend to Nila from the first moment she joined them at Hawksridge, that I suspected him. I thought he's too good to be true. Too good to be innocent and not have something under his sleeve. (view spoiler)

Vaughn & Jas. Two characters that I also liked in the series and loved to see them getting closer in the last books. I loved how they bonded over everything and I wish to see more of them in the future. Both siblings that would do anything for their loved ones.

Tex. What a broken man. He was probably the character I felt the biggest pity for him. Knowing what his wife went through and knowing that his daughter had to endour similar suffering and their awful ending? I can't even imagine what went into his psyche. Yes, maybe he could have saved them, maybe not. Hawks were really powerful as it was proven and maybe he wouldn't be able to do this, maybe he could. However, no matter, you can't help but feel sorry for him. Losing a wife like that and then knowing your daughter will have the same cruel destiny. That can break any man.

Bonnie. I don't have many things to say about her. Wicked Witch. A hateful old bitch that I can't redeem. She wasn't even a Hawk and yet she brought back the old debts and turned her family into the monsters. A master of the puppets.

Cut and Daniel. Fucked up characters. They were two creatures that never felt loved not even by their family. Cut was fucked up because of Bonnie. She manipulated him, making him be the creature he was today, taking his selfish character and turning him into the monster he ended up into. I think Daniel was like him in that aspect. He was the third son, he wasn't planned and he never felt loved. Since he wasn't the rightful heir in their lineage, he spent his life trying too hard, to be the son Cut would be proud of. Just like what Cut was with Bonnie. I felt for them. I can't even believe I;m saying that, because they were both characters I hated. I hated them even in this book, but still couldn't help but feel sorry for them. Somehow, I didn't think that Daniel deserved that ending. (view spoiler) 

I might've been stolen. Jethro's plans to save me might be ruined. But I was still alive. Still breathing. I wasn't the naive girl who'd first arrived at Hawksridge. I was a woman in love with a Hawk. A Weaver who would draw Hawk blood.

As for Cut, yes he was an awful father, the flashbacks proved that and the present as well. A cruel person who wouldn't mind making his children suffer as long as they would become the people they were destined to be. But underneath the monster there was a human and I was so glad to see those parts of him. (view spoiler) I can't help but think that he truly had felt feelings for Emma and he was like Jethro on this aspect, that he would have loved to help her with the debts, but there was a difference. Emma didn't love him and he was a puppet under Bonnie, so of course their story didn't have the same ending as his son's. I would still love to read their tragic story to get a better insight on these characters. I missed his POV when we saw so many others. Maybe that's why? A hopeful fan can only hope. ;)

Overall, this journey has come to an end and I can't say that everything was perfect and I didn't cringe with specific scenes or disagreed and thought how wrong that was. But, I loved this book. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Since the first pages the angst and the tension was off the limits. I would notice how early I still am and I would be amazed by the amount of intense actions that would have happened. I wondered how was it possible, but Pepper gave us what we deserved and nothing less. I cried so much at the last 30% of the book. Saying goodbye to these characters wasn't easy. Saying goodbye to this story was bittersweet. I will miss them. Some characters more than others, but I will still miss them.

Thank you, Pepper for bringing life into these characters and this story. I'll be forever indebted of you.

ARC was kindly provided by TRSOR promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex... her books have sex.
She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.

Her Dark Erotica books include:
Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1)
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