Sin and Sorrow by Marion Croslydon **Review**

 O-negative is Marie Aberdein’s favorite treat and she hates herself for it. 
But she hates the MacLeod Vampire Hunters even more. They stole everything from her. Twice. The first time, on the night of the Battle of Culloden, the Hunter killed her husband and their child. Marie has survived the last two centuries hidden away with the man she calls Father, keeping their vow never to feed from humans. But the latest Hunter—the direct descendant of her husband’s murderer—doesn’t care about their good intentions. All he wants is for their ashes to blow away in the wind, so he tracks them down and burns the only family she has left.
Payback is long overdue. Marie has escaped the MacLeods’ clutches and she intends to make this lease of life count. Merely digging her fangs into the Hunter won’t do. She’ll take everything he holds dear, starting with his heir, History undergrad and rugby-playing Gabriel. Once she has Gabriel in the palm of her hand, she’ll rip out the boy’s heart. And make his father watch. 
Only Gabe is more angel than demon. His heart is warm, his soul loyal. He makes Marie feel like the girl she has never had the chance to be. A girl who wants to laugh, flirt, and be kissed. But allowing their love to kindle will clash against the beliefs that make them who they are. When Gabriel becomes the next Hunter at twenty-one, Marie will be one of the creatures he is destined to slaughter. And loving him means giving up her vendetta against his father—something she won’t do. 

Sin and Sorrow is a New Adult paranormal romance set at St. Andrews University in modern-day Scotland. 


Marie was pregnant when she learnt about her husband's death by the Hunter, Gabriel MacLeod. She came in labor early and her baby didn't make it and she was slowly dying from the loss of blood. Her friend Louis, a really old vampire, convinced her to remain alive in order to take revenge for everything she lost because of the Hunter. That's how Marie turned into a vampire two centuries ago.

She lost many fights and many friends during the years, moved away and now she's back to Scotland. In order to take revenge, she has to come close to the Hunter's descendants. That's how Marie becomes friends with Lizzie and convinces her to be her roomate, along with Lizzie's brother, Gabe, who is the next Hunter in line.

Payback was long overdue. This time, I'd destroy everything dear and meaningful to the MacLeod Hunter, starting with his son. Only I'd make MacLeod's suffering last. I'd bide my time, befriend, seduce. Once I had his heir infatuated with me, ready to turn his back on his clan, I'd crush him. And make his father watch.

But sometimes life has other plans and nothing goes as scheduled. Especially when her plan seems to backfire and an old vampire comes into the scene, something that won't make it easy on her.

Hunters, vampires, blood, stakes, death, secrets, hate, love, elements that take place in this crazy journey. Suspence and action, making you wonder what will come next, how each of the characters will react, since each one of them is unpredictable.

I truly enjoyed this one, but there were a few things that bummed me though. I expected the heroine to be more badass and she came as a weak vampire (view spoiler) But it didn't lack the suspense and the action nonetheless. Especially with the appearance of Lawrence! He was such a creepy character, I was holding my breath every time he showed up.

Also, so many questions have remained unanswered and the way the book ended, it makes me think that there will be a sequel and hopefully there will be everything solved. Still, I thought it was a standalone and I'm kind of bummed that now I have some things that need to be answered (view spoiler)

"What exactly is it that you need to know?"
"Who you are, not what you are."

If you're a fan of paranormal reads, you should give this one a chance. I really enjoyed this author's writing and it won't be my last time reading something by her. If she plans to continue this story, I will definitely be reading the continuation. If not, I still enjoyed Gabe's & Marie's story.

Copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 


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