The Vampire Next Door by Cherie Marks

For Mia Alexander, the world is getting hotter—literally. Not only is she slathering on gobs of sunscreen, but she’s developed a ravenous desire for rare meat. As if this wasn’t strange enough, a freaking hottie-like-no-other just moved in next door and can’t seem to keep his gaze off her. 

Campbell Reid is a vampire who has wandered this earth for a long time, but since the tragedy of his family’s death, he’s perfected an unbreakable control—until he encountered his latest target. His mission from The Supernatural Council is to protect her from other vampires as she transitions and from a mysterious, emerging threat. But can he protect her from himself? 

Things heat up as the danger closes in, and Campbell fights by her side as The Vampire Next Door.

3.5 Stars 

The Vampire Next Door is the story of a student, Mia and the changes she's facing the latest period of time. She can't stand the sun, she likes her steaks raw and other things that can't be explained. 

 Add a stalker who's been watching her on her sleep and her hot new neighbour, Campbell, and Mia is definitely going crazy. Suddenly, her life is changing and crazy things start to occure. 

 This was a really fun read, with plenty of adventure and romance. This story doesn't contain just vampires though, but several mythical creatures. There's a lot of angst and it didn't disappoint, since every paranormal story has a villain or more than just one. I wish a few facts had been more clear though, because I got lost and got confused a couple of times. If you like paranormal stories, give this one a try. You may end up enjoying it like I did :) 

  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Goodreads group 'Lovers of Paranormal'


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