Coping Skills by Jerica MacMillan **ARC Review**

Learning to deal ...

Back at Marycliff University for her senior year, Elena Martinez is still reeling from her father’s devastating car accident over the summer. Awash in anger and guilt and shouldering ongoing family responsibilities, she tries to pretend that everything's fine, even though it’s anything but.

Daniel Carter has been looking forward to seeing Elena again all summer. Sexy and energetic, she’d captured his attention on the surf trip they’d both gone on in early June, and he’s eager continue what they started on the beach. But when he runs into her the week before classes start, she’s subdued and carrying the obvious weight of emotional pain. Determined to help her, he becomes her refuge from the stress and grief pulling her under.

Will Daniel’s persistence be enough to break through Elena’s emotional barriers? Or will her fears and hangups be the end of their relationship before it can really even start?

Gripping and emotional, Coping Skills will hook you in and not let go until the very end. If you love strong and stubborn heroines, dominant and caring alphas, and stories that hit you in all the feels, one-click this book now!

3.5 stars

Elena had a traumatic summer. Her father had an accident and a brain trauma changed him. Ever since he's not the same and that has affected Elena greatly.

Daniel had met Elena at the beginning of that summer, before her father's accident and they had hit it off, but then Elena stopped being in touch. When they meet again, Daniel tries to pursue her, but Elena makes it clear that she doesn't want relationships.

Daniel was a good guy. Understanding, sweet, and could fuck like a god. And all of that made him both tempting and dangerous.

This was my first book by Jerica and it was quite enjoyable. I liked her writing a lot and I think that it had a lot of potential. I definitely want to read more by her. However, I didn't like the heroine that much and how she treated Daniel. I definitely understand it wasn't easy for her, but still many of her actions didn't make a lot of sense to me and I thought that Daniel could make her work for it. Also, the ending was kind of rushed in my opinion. I definitely would have liked to see more from them, but maybe the author plans to make a novella about it or write a bonus scene or something?

I believe that it was a lovely story and I loved that the romance was diverse/multicultural? With the hero being black and the heroine Spanish. And I don't mean any offence using these terms, I'm just not certain how I should describe them. Anyway, kudos on that! I'm very intrigued to read more by her.


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